Topic Name Description
URL Scholarships

These are in order of due date and updated on a regular basis. Check back every other week to get updates.

URL Junior/Senior Timeline

The Junior/Senior Timeline is a guide for what juniors and seniors should be doing when to get ready for college.

File WDC Graduation Requirements

Here are the graduation requirements for current WDC students.

File WDC High School Profile

The profile explains what courses WDC offers, its graduation requirements and how credits are earned.

URL Transcript Request

Link to Google Form to Request a Transcript

File Scholarship Resume

A sample scholarship resume for students to use in applying for scholarships.

Social Distancing Ideas URL Making the Most of School Closures

Here is a link to an article with great ideas to help families through this time.

URL Mental Health and COVID-19

This is a stressful time for everyone.  Here is some information and resources to help us through.

File Self-Care

It's important for us to take care of ourselves during this time.  Here are some activities to do to help.

File COVID-19 and Anxiety

As we are all experiencing this for the first time, anxiety is there.  Here is a cute graphic with some ways to help.

File Wellness Plan

Here are more activities to help us cope.

File NOT Cancelled

There are so many cancellations, it's hard to realize there are still activities we can do during this time.

File Sample Schedule

Here is an example of a schedule to use during this time.  For many, the practice of keeping a routine is very helpful.

File Control

It may feel as if we have no control with everything happening around us but we still have control of some things.  This graphic can help us realize the things we should focus on.


Students who took college courses while in high school from M|State need to request a transcript to be sent to the college they plan on attending for their courses to transfer.